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To improve sanitation, low cost onsite sewage disposal systems are being encouraged.The advantage of this method is that it gives a full picture of all the transactions related to asset disposal at one place.It is specially hazardous for those who are in direct contact with the waste such as rag pickers and workers involved in waste disposal, as they are the ones who handle waste materials mostly without protective device such as gloves or water proof boots and gas masks.This meant that residents had, at their disposal, a domestic currency which was freely convertible at a fixed price into another asset (gold) acceptable in international payments.Asset disposal account is designed to provide a complete and clear view of all the transactions involved in the sale of an asset under one account head.6,000 but expenses related to its disposal are estimated at Rs.It is a polluting waste and there are specific disposal guidelines to protect the environment.Economic indices, like national income, distribution of income, rate and growth of GNP, per capita income, disposal personal income, rate of savings and investments, value of exports and imports, balance of payments, and so on.This meant that New Delhi had to have better water supply, sewage disposal and drainage facilities than the Old City.The original cost of the asset being sold is debited to the asset disposal account and accumulated depreciation amount appearing in provision for depreciation account relating to that asset till the date of disposal is credited to the asset disposal account.Under this method, a new account titled Asset Disposal Account is opened.Disposal of asset can take place either (a) at the end of its useful life or (b) during its useful life (due to obsolescence or any other abnormal factor).Hence, sustainable natural resource management demands that we plan for the safe disposal of these wastes too.The balance of asset disposal account shows profit or loss which is transferred to profit and loss account.The disposal of non-degradable industrial solid wastes, if not done by a proper and suitable method, may cause serious threat to the environment.

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