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Lawyers, doctors, engineers and other middle-class workers established the Union of Unions and demanded a constituent assembly.Is he a crook on the run? Why is his face badly scarred? Why has he no friends? Nishad's mother, a doctor, knows Mr Nath as a patient, who is very polite.One may not seek doctor's help for a cold if one attributes it to eating curd or for leprosy or smallpox if these are attributed to God's annoyance.He not only forgave him but said he would send his servants and his own doctor to look after him, and he promised to give back the man his property.So from the smallest items like pins or buttons to the largest ones like aeroplanes, automobiles, giant machinery or any saleable service like that of the doctor, the lawyer or the financial consultant – the goods and services produced are to be sold to the consumers.[Falls into an armchair] A doctor! Boy! Milksop! Fool! I'm sick! [Drinks water] Sick! What sort of a hunter are you? You can't even sit on a horse! [To her father] Papa, what's the matter with him? Papa! Look, Papa! [screams] Ivan assilevitch! He's dead! I'm sick! I can't breathe! Air! He's dead.Gandhi got a doctor to volunteer his services for six months.Are you a lecturer?
No, I am a doctor.
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We listened attentively as the doctor continued with his tale.” The doctor replied, “I ran and ran till I reached a friend's house.For example, we require teachers, doctors, and those who provide personal services such as washermen, barbers, cobblers, lawyers, and people to do administrative and accounting works.We now find women working as scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, managers and college and university teachers which were earlier not considered suitable for women.” “Did you see the snake the next day, doctor?” The doctor laughed, “I've never seen it since.His mother could not afford to take him to the doctor.Didn't his doctor tell him to take special precautions against the cold? But he wouldn't remember to put on a sweater even if it was lying on his bedside chair! How could he when Dibya had put her spell on him? She picked up the white woollen pullover, wrapped herself in a shawl and made her way to the roof, to break up his tete-a-tete with Dibya.

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