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In other words, with an increased supply of money in the economy the price you have to pay for holding money balance, viz.It is an irreversible increase expressed in parameters such as size, area, length, height, volume, cell number etc.This quantity has been enhanced from 25 to 35 kgs with effect from April 200 The scheme has been further expanded twice by additional 50 lakh BPL families in June 2003 and in August 200 With this increase, 2 crore families have been covered under the AAY.when government increases spending or cuts taxes, aggregate demand increases.This implies that the number of water molecules from the gaseous state into the liquid state also increases till the equilibrium is attained.Growth is, therefore, measured by a variety of parameters some of which are: increase in fresh weight, dry weight, length, area, volume and cell number.They know that if they raise issues that people want to be raised, their popularity and chances of victory will increase in the next elections.An increase in the content of these harmful substances in air is called air pollution.Similarly, a rise in the disposable income of people due to increase in the gross domestic product of a country creates increasing demand for products.The level of awareness or information about disease; and beliefs about how it is caused; and about possible ways of relieving the distress or improving health affect help seeking behaviour as well as sticking to a doctor's regimen.The increased food grains procurement at enhanced MSP# is the result of the pressure exerted by leading foodgrain producing states, such as Punjab, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh.Examples of such assets are patents, copyrights, leases, etc.In the former, growth is expressed as increase in cell number; the latter expresses growth as increase in size of the cell.The incidence of psychological disorders, such as panic attacks and obsessive behaviour increases with the build up of long-term stress.These are then burnt, which releases the nutrients into the soil.

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