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Environmental awareness can help managers to identify various threats on time and serve as an early warning signal.(Motions to a chair, and seats himself on the divan by the bag.Sometimes these constituencies are counted as seats , for each constituency represents one seat in the assembly.In Germany, these associations worked closely with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and helped it win parliamentary seats.Thus the reserved seats for SC and ST do not take away the legitimate share of any other social group.Since environment is a source of both opportunities and threats for a business enterprise, its understanding and analysis can be the basis for deciding the future course of action (planning) or training guidelines for decision making (policy).Threats refer to the external environment trends and changes that will hinder a firm's performance.Excreta from the toilet seats flow through covered drains into a biogas plant.After a long debate, the Constituent Assembly also recommended that a certain percentage of seats in legislatures as well as jobs in government be reserved for members of the lowest castes.There are numerous physical properties of elements such as melting and boiling points, heats of fusion and vaporization, energy of atomization, etc.Along with the former Untouchables, the adivasis or Scheduled Tribes were also granted reservation in seats and jobs.A party that secures at least six per cent of total votes in Lok Sabha elections or Assembly elections in four States and wins at least four seats in the Lok Sabha is recognised as a national party.On the other hand, there may be uncertainty of business activities due to political unrest and threats to law and order.Lok Dal and its partners won 76 out of 90 seats in the State Assembly.But only the two main parties have a serious chance of winning majority of seats to form government.

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