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Like many other wealthy and educated members of the Italian elite, he spoke French much better than he did Italian.Tarabai Shinde, a woman educated at home at Poona, published a book, Stripurushtulna, (A Comparison between Women and Men), criticising the social differences between men and women.Hence, educated middle class white subjects generally perform well on those tests.Having made their wealth through trade or industrial ventures, they felt that such effort should be encouraged – that its benefits would be achieved if the workforce in the economy was healthy and citizens were educated.Different citizens differ from one another in many ways: some are rich, some are poor; some are highly educated, some are not so educated or not educated at all; some are kind, others are not so kind.The composition of population helps us to know how many are males or females, which age group they belong to, how educated they are and what type of occupations they are employed in, what their income levels and health conditions are.Educated parents are found to invest more heavily on the education of their child.They illustrated, educated, punctuated, and even decorated.For instance, a school in the village will enable many children to get educated.In late-nineteenthcentury Kerala, a younger generation of English-educated Nayar men who had acquired property and wealth on their own, began arguing strongly against Nambuthiri alliances with Nayar women.Duttada was aware of the gulf that separates the rich from the poor, the educated from the illiterate, the privileged from the unprivileged.An event that mobilised nationalist feelings among the educated elite across Europe was the Greek war of independence.Parallel to the revolts of the poor, unemployed and starving peasants and workers in many European countries in the year 1848, a revolution led by the educated middle classes was under way.When the existing 'human resource' is further developed by becoming more educated and healthy, we call it 'human capital formation' that adds to the productive power of the country just like 'physical capital formation'.It also has educated English speaking youth who can provide customer care services.

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