Efficient example sentences

As stated earlier, international business operates on a simple principle — produce what your country can produce more efficiently, and trade the surplus production so generated with other countries to procure what they can produce more efficiently.Having introduced James to Sir John, the quiet but efficient Johnson slipped out.Conversely, too little stress may cause one to feel somewhat listless and low on motivation which may lead us to perform slowly and less efficiently.Over the years, the policy related to PDS has been revised to make it more efficient and targeted.Higher turnover reflects efficient utilisation resulting in higher liquidity and profitability in the business.Obviously, management is concerned with the efficient use of these resources, because they reduce costs and ultimately lead to higher profits.In other words, we can say that some countries are in an advantageous position in producing select goods and services which other countries cannot produce that effectively and efficiently, and viceversa.It is thus, evident that a dense and efficient network of transport and communication is a pre-requisite for local, national and global trade of today.We have also had the white revolution, which has led to better and more efficient use as well as availability of milk.It is their overall responsibility to see that the resources of the firm are used most efficiently, and that the firm's financial condition is sound.This could be achieved through making government activities more efficient through better planning of programmes and better administration.The success of mail order business depends heavily on the availability of efficient postal services at a place.It is a fuel-efficient and environment friendly mode of transport.So it is quite likely that reflex arcs have evolved as efficient ways of functioning in the absence of true thought processes.Emergence of newer modes of communication and development of faster and more efficient means of transportation have brought nations closer to one another.

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