Efficient example sentences

For an organisation to effectively and efficiently achieve its objectives coordination is required.The public sector undertakings have realised that, in order to survive and grow, they will have to be more efficient and generate their own resources for the purpose., being efficient or as we say doing work efficiently., as efficiently as possible while maintaining a balance between effectiveness and efficiency.The magnitude of the coefficient depends on the size, composition and nature of the system.Consequently, he is no match for his manager and rival Donald Farfrae who runs his business on efficient managerial lines and is well regarded for he is smooth and even-tempered with everyone.The coefficients in a balanced thermochemical equation refer to the number of moles (never molecules) of reactants and products involved in the reaction.One such efficient mechanism is carried out by juxta glomerular apparatus (JGA).It may be slow, less efficient, not always very responsive or clean.This implies setting goals in advance and developing a way of achieving them efficiently and effectively.This method of balancing chemical equations is called hit-and-trial method as we make trials to balance the equation by using the smallest whole number coefficient.Obviously, management is concerned with the efficient use of these resources, because they reduce costs and ultimately lead to higher profits.We have also had the white revolution, which has led to better and more efficient use as well as availability of milk.Emergence of newer modes of communication and development of faster and more efficient means of transportation have brought nations closer to one another.Biogas is by far the most efficient use of cattle dung.

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