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This involves the use of sacred symbols, religious leaders, emotional appeal and plain fear in order to bring the followers of one religion together in the political arena.In other words, if your views are not merely thoughts, but also have emotional and action components, then these views are more than 'opinions'; they are examples of attitudes.Infact, many genes combine to help bring about our various behaviours and emotional reactions, both functional and dysfunctional.Figureure 4 depicts this sequence comprising negative emotions, release of stress hormones which lead to weakening of the immune system, thereby affecting mental and physical health.This state of physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion is known as burnout.Behaviours, thoughts and emotions that break societal norms are called abnormal.Natural disasters are traumatic experiences, i.e. emotionally wounding and shocking to those who survive the disaster.Aggression could also be indirectly triggered by physiological mechanisms, especially by the activation of certain parts of the brain that play a role in emotional experience.Aggression is an expression, and consequence of frustration, i.e. an emotional state that arises when a person is prevented from reaching a goal, or attaining an object that s/he wants.In some cases this can start a vicious circle of decreasing confidence, leading to more serious emotional problems.Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that underlie accurate appraisal, expression, and regulation of emotions.Emotion-focused strategies call for psychological changes designed primarily to limit the degree of emotional disruption caused by an event, with minimal effort to alter the event itself.It is accompanied by an emotional component, and a tendency to act in a particular way with regard to the attitude object.emotional, physiological, cognitive, and behavioural.We need to be able to critically understand why they use particular images, the personal emotion that they are appealing to and the ways in which this affects how we think about ourselves when we use the product or are not able to buy it.

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