Emotion example sentences

As you can see with the two advertisements, they often target our personal emotions.Early in his career he used hypnosis to treat people with physical and emotional problems.Aggression could also be indirectly triggered by physiological mechanisms, especially by the activation of certain parts of the brain that play a role in emotional experience.If we keep ourselves healthy, fit and relaxed, we are better prepared physically and emotionally to tackle the stresses of everyday life.Romantic artists and poets generally criticised the glorification of reason and science and focused instead on emotions, intuition and mystical feelings.Consistency in behaviour, thought and emotion of an individual across situations and across time periods characterises her/his personality.This can take many forms, such as encouraging the survivors to talk about their experiences and emotional state, and giving them time for their emotional wounds to heal.People with schizophrenia also show inappropriate affect, i.e. emotions that are unsuited to the situation.In the Care Soap advertisement, once again a personal emotion is being used.n contrast, non-western cultures value self-reflection, social and emotional competence as signs of intelligent behaviour.Programmes aimed at improving students emotional intelligence have beneficial effects on their academic achievement.PTSD symptoms vary widely but may include recurrent dreams, flashbacks, impaired concentration, and emotional numbing.Besides physical tasks, they also involve a strong emotional aspect.Abnormal behaviour, thoughts and emotions are those that differ markedly from a society's ideas of proper functioning.This is just one example that demonstrates how our social environment influences our thoughts, emotions and behaviour in complex ways.

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