Entitle example sentences

This certificate entitles the importer to claim tariff concessions or other exemptions such as non-applicability of quota restrictions on goods originating from certain pre-specified countries.Our Constitution entitles every citizen to elect its representative and to be elected as a representative.Amortisation refers to writing-off the cost of intangible assets like patents, copyright, trade marks, franchises, leasehold mines which have entitlements to use for a specified period of time.At least one year must have elapse since the date on which the company became entitled to commence the business.Our Constitution entitles every citizen to elect its representative and to be elected as a representative.This is because either I forget to ask for the air miles when I check in, or I remember to ask for them but the airline then manages not to record them, or the check-in clerk informs me that I am not entitled to them.A seller/creditor who is entitled to receive money from the debtor can draw a bill of exchange upon the buyer/debtor.This facility entitles firms to produce goods without payment of excise and other duties.A lovely old lady, he told me, a bit muddle-headed, but at her age she was entitled to be, wasn't she? A hundred and one years old.This order entitles the importer to take the delivery of goods.Under the programme if an applicant is not provided employment within fifteen days s/he will be entitled to a daily unemployment allowance.Love stories written for adolescent girls also first became popular in this period, especially in the US, notably Ramona (1884) by Helen Hunt Jackson and a series entitled What Katy Did (1872) by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, who wrote under the pen-name Susan Coolidge.In January, on a flight to Australia— a flight for which I was going to get about a zillion air miles — the clerk shook her head when I presented my card and told me I was not entitled to any.As per the terms of the licensing/ franchising agreement, only the parties to the licensing/franchising agreement are legally entitled to make use of the licensor's/ franchiser's copyrights, patents and brand names in foreign countries.Gardner Murphy wrote a book entitled 'In the Minds of Men'.

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