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The essence of this approach is to replace negative and irrational thoughts with positive and rational ones.He himself used the terms nam, dan and isnan for the essence of his teaching, which actually meant right worship, welfare of others and purity of conduct.Coordination, therefore, is not a separate function of management, but its very essence.Different teachers have different opinions but the essence of every religion is the same.In essence, this policy has sought to liberate industry from the shackles of the licensing system (liberalisation), drastically reduce the role of the public sector (privatisation) and encourage foreign private participation in India's industrial development (globalisation).The essence of international payments is that just like an individual who spends more than her income must finance the difference by selling assets or by borrowing, a country that has a deficit in its current account (spending more abroad than it receives from sales to the rest of the world) must finance it by selling assets or by borrowing abroad.It is however, the essence of management, for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards the accomplishment of group goals.

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