Fleet example sentences

“Thank you for the correction! Do you realise that we have only ten months of survival left for the entire living species on the Earth? Don't you think we have to do something to stop all this?” A fleeting smile crossed James' face.Order the invasion fleet to evacuate the entire planet of Mars.In Chennai, water is taken from nearby towns like Mamandur, Palur, Karungizhi and from villages to the north of the city using a fleet of over 13,000 water tankers.Why, at this very moment, they may be launching an interplanetary attack of millions of cows! Notify the invasion fleet.For example, Super Bazar owns a fleet of trucks, which is used by it for delivering foodstuffs; the trucks, thus, provide economic benefit to the enterprise.with a fleet of 7817 locomotives, 5321 passenger service vehicles, 4904 other coach vehicles and 228, 170 wagons as on 31 March 200 The distribution pattern of the Railway network in the country has been largely influenced by physiographic, economic and administrative factors.

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