Fold example sentences

My mental eye, rendered more acute by repeated visions of this kind, could now distinguish larger structures of manifold conformations; long rows,sometimes more closely fitted together; all twisting and turning in snake like motion.A young boy dressed in a grey uniform, wearing socks and shoes, arrived panting and threw his school bag on a folding bed.Thus, business transactions are exchanges of economic consideration between parties and have two-fold effects that are recorded in at least two accounts.These rivalries were very evident in the way the Balkan problem unfolded.The meaning of the code will slowly unfold before you.The benefit to the local company of such joint production is two-fold.Sedimentary rock formations of plains and young fold mountains contain non-metallic minerals like limestone.I folded the letter again and slipped it carefully back into its envelope.The blots were originally made by dropping ink on a piece of paper and then folding the paper in half (hence called inkblot test).A bud consists of a short stem around which immature overlapping leaves are folded.The folds of Great Himalayas are asymmetrical in nature.The old lady was sitting in a wheelchair, her hands folded in her lap.India is bounded by the young fold mountains in the northwest, north and north east.As you would remember, the attributes of Liberty are the red cap, or the broken chain, while Justice is generally a blindfolded woman carrying a pair of weighing scales.It has increased manifold as seen in the figureure.

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