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Managers at all levels of management- top, middle and lower-need to perform controlling functions to keep a control over activities in their areas.Can you name some other familiar state functions? Some of other familiar state functions are , p, and T., and financial resources, i.e., funds to be able to produce and supply goods and services to its customers.Kurosawa reported the appearance of symptoms of the disease in uninfected rice seedlings when they were treated with sterile filtrates of the fungus.If debt component of the total long-term funds employed is small, outsiders feel more secure.The amount thus ascertained is transferred from profits every year to Debenture Redemption Fund and its investment is termed as Debenture Redemption Fund Investment.It appears on the receipts side of the Receipt and Payment Account and is directly added to capital fund/general fund in the balance sheet, because it is not of recurring nature.When she filed the case in the District Consumer Court, the Court directed the Institute to refund Rs 28,000 saying that she had the right to choose.This is one more example of how the functioning of a single economic agent (say, a household) may differ from the functioning of the economy as a whole.The monsoons are a time of great fun and even a few adventures: playing in the rain and getting wet, wading through knee-deep water on your way to school, water flooding the house or the classroom, powercuts and so on.olume of water in a pond, for example, is a state function, because change in volume of its water is independent of the route by which water is filled in the pond, either by rain or by tubewell or by both.Funds can be raised through equity issue without creating any charge on the assets of the company.Similarly, the deposits are also refundable by RBI on demand from deposit-holders.Socio-cultural theorists also believe that abnormal functioning is influenced by the societal labels and roles assigned to troubled people.The Constitution of any country lays down basic rules on the powers and functions of each institution.

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