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When only PS I is functional, the electron is circulated within the photosystem and the phosphorylation occurs due to cyclic flow of electrons (Figureure 1 6).We specify the state of the system by state functions or state variables.Controlling is one of the important functions of a manager.olume of water in a pond, for example, is a state function, because change in volume of its water is independent of the route by which water is filled in the pond, either by rain or by tubewell or by both.The buccal cavity performs two major functions, mastication of food and facilitation of swallowing.The question is, then, why and how do they have different structural and functional attributes? Development is the sum of two processes: growth and differentiation.Target tissue metabolism and hence physiological functions are regulated by hormones.Is more credit coming from the formal sector or the informal sector? The Reserve Bank of India supervises the functioning of formal sources of loans.In addition, hydrogen atom or atoms on these carbon chains can be replaced by any of the functional groups that we saw above.This is also known as the human resource function and it involves activities such as recruitment, selection, placement and training of personnel.This is what distinguishes it from microeconomics; which mostly examines the functioning of the particular sectors of the economy, assuming that the rest of the economy remains the same.On the contrary, the Western cultures view health as a result of fully functioning machine which has no blockage.No business can function without adequate amount of funds for undertaking various activities.Since these behavioural qualities make people more functional in agricultural societies, they become dominant features of people's personality in contrast to independence, autonomy and achievement, which are more functional (and thus highly valued) in hunting-gathering societies.Later in this chapter you will understand that although both of them are managers, they function at different levels in the organisation.

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