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Schizophrenia is the descriptive term for a group of psychotic disorders in which personal, social and occupational functioning deteriorate as a result of disturbed thought processes, strange perceptions, unusual emotional states, and motor abnormalities.When stress is prolonged, it affects physical health and impairs psychological functioning.One practical use of intelligence test is to identify persons at the extremes of intellectual functioning.Heroin intake significantly interferes with social and occupational functioning.In the UC plant, every safety device was malfunctioning or was in short supply.In the case of each institution we ask: What does this institution do? How is this institution connected to other institutions? What makes its functioning more or less democratic? The basic objective here is to understand how all these institutions together carry on the work of government.Tax planning has become necessary these days because there are a number of tax laws in the country and they influence almost every aspect of the functioning of modern business.The congruence of these selves makes a person fully functioning.Such a story which describes the functioning of an imaginary economy is called a macroeconomic model.Many body fluids e.g., blood or urine have definite pH and any deviation in their pH indicates malfunctioning of the body.1 5 REGULATION OF KIDNEY FUNCTION The functioning of the kidneys is efficiently monitored and regulated by hormonal feedback mechanisms involving the hypothalamus, JGA and to a certain extent, the heart.However models do not want to capture an economy in its every minute detail – their purpose is to highlight some essential features of the functioning of an economic system.It relates to those expenses incurred for the normal functioning of the government departments and various services, interest payments on debt incurred by the government, and grants given to state governments and other parties.First, in order to be judged as mentally retarded, a person must show significantly sub-average intellectual functioning.Freud used free association (a method in which a person is asked to openly share all the thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to her/his mind), dream analysis, and analysis of errors to understand the internal functioning of the mind.

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