Gently example sentences

Each does its share of work intelligently and bravely, and never figurehts with other members of the group.” Sibaji babu gently interjected, “But our wise forefathers recommended such yajnas.It is a region of flat, gently sloping or hilly land.He stroked its sides as gently as though the fawn were a china deer and he might break it.The example of Sterling Courier brings out clearly how an adverse business situation may intelligently be controlled by a manager.Also, deviations in key areas of business need to be attended more urgently as compared to deviations in certain insignificant areas.” She threw open the window and gently placed the little bird on the sill.The Deccan Plateau is higher in the west and slopes gently eastwards.The peninsular plateau is composed of igneous and metamorphic rocks with gently rising hills and wide valleys.As long as we press it gently, it can come back to its original shape when the force is withdrawn.Ruchica's father was urgently in need of the statements as these had to be submitted to the bank, in pursuance of a loan of Rs.The Provost beckoned James and passed on the envelope saying, “It seems you are wanted urgently inyour room.Gently but firmly he was escorted by the security staff back home to an anxious and angry mother.When the older man enters, she gently withdraws behind the broken wall and brings her veil closer to her face.She is gently perched on a wheel with wings, symbolising time.

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