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Guru Gobind Singh had inspired the Khalsa with the belief that their destiny was to rule (raj karega khalsa).In 1706 this compilation was authenticated by his son and successor, Guru Gobind Singh.Guruji recommended a shanti yajna to pacify the evil spirit behind the comet.The sacred space thus created by Guru Nanak was known as dharmsal.Srinivas Das's novel, published in 1882, was titled Pariksha-Guru (The Master Examiner).With all its good intentions, Pariksha- Guru could not win many readers, as it was perhaps too moralising in its style.His name was Lehna but he came to be known as Guru Angad, signifying that he was a part of Guru Nanak himself.Apart from natural lakes, the damming of the rivers for the generation of hydel power has also led to the formation of Lakes such as Guru Gobind Sagar.The three successors of Guru Angad also wrote under the name of “Nanak” and all of their compositions were compiled by Guru Arjan in 160 To this compilation were added the writings of other figureures like Shaikh Farid, Sant Kabir, Bhagat Namdev and Guru Tegh Bahadur.Thus, Guru Nanak's idea of equality had social and political implications.Named after Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami ivekananda's guru, the Ramakrishna Mission stressed the ideal of salvation through social service and selfless action.Some of these were later collected and preserved in the Guru Granth Sahib, Panch ani and Bijak.Some of them like Kabir and Baba Guru Nanak rejected all orthodox religions.Before his death in 1539, Guru Nanak appointed one of his followers as his successor.This may have something to do with Guru Nanak's insistence that his followers must be householders and should adopt productive and useful occupations.

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