Highly example sentences

One such law/policy is the reservation policy that today is both significant and highly contentious.Groups of highly mobile, peasantpastoralists (kunbis) provided the backbone of the Maratha army.It even helps us understand Mahatma Gandhi better, for he was one individual who was highly sensitive to the politics of clothing, and wrote extensively on it.It is a colourless and odourless gas, highly poisonous to living beings because of its ability to block the delivery of oxygen to the organs and tissues.To begin with, it is essential and sufficient to know that the development of a mature plant from a zygote (fertilised egg) follow a precise and highly ordered succession of events.Production of Wootz steel required a highly specialised technique of refining iron.The form and size of algae is highly variable (Figureure 1).Being highly porous, activated charcoal is used in adsorbing poisonous gases; also used in water filters to remove organic contaminators and in airconditioning system to control odour.The most remarkable feature of Uranus is that it has highly tilted rotational axis.Cardinal traits are highly generalised dispositions.The mucus and bicarbonates present in the gastric juice play an important role in lubrication and protection of the mucosal epithelium from excoriation by the highly concentrated hydrochloric acid.Clean water would have BOD value of less than 5 ppm whereas highly polluted water could have a BOD value of 17 ppm or more.Two such steps given below explain how more highly haloginated products are formed.A manager may come across highly committed and hardworking staff or lazy, evasive and superficial workers.In fact, aluminium is a highly electropositive metal.

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