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If debentureholders find that the offer is beneficial to them, they will take advantage of this offer.A shareholder is an owner of the company whereas a debenture holder is only a loan creditor.Further, through their right to vote, these shareholders have a right to participate in the management of the company.However, in some large companies, the shareholders' interest is limited to decide whether to buy, sell or hold the shares.When allotment is made, it results in a valid contract between the company and the applicants who now became the shareholders of the company.Burhan-ul-Mulk tried to decrease Mughal influence in the Awadh region by reducing the number of office holders (jagirdars) appointed by the Mughals.A person/holder of such a written acknowledgement is called 'debenture holder'.Bearer debentures are the debentures which can be transferred by way of delivery and the company does not keep any record of the debentureholders.It reveals the efficiency of the business in utilisation of funds entrusted to it by shareholders, debenture-holders and long-term liabilities.In this context, earnings refer to profit available for equity shareholders which is worked out as Profit after Tax Dividend on Preference Shares.Of course, the debentureholders can adjust this amount against the tax due from them.Its capital is contributed by a large number of persons called shareholders who are the real owners of the company.The equity shareholders are entitled to share the distributable profits of the company after satisfying the dividend rights of the preference share holders.This ratio is very important from shareholders point of view in assessing whether their investment in the firm generates a reasonable return or not.It is termed as 'Secret Reserve', as it is not known to outside stakeholders.

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