Ill example sentences

Illustration 10 shows both types of Cash Flow Statement.Of course, a person is free to change religion on his or her own will.Some of them were made headmen of villages in the newly cleared areas.The meaning of the code will slowly unfold before you.The stranger must have seemed incredulous, for the old man got up and went to the window, took down a leather pouch which hung on a nail in the very window frame, and picked out three wrinkled ten-kronor bills.The old Tehri town and 100 villages, some totally and some partially, were submerged by this dam.Once we are able to characterise someone's personality, we can predict how that person will probably behave in a variety of circumstances.It is the amount received as per the will of a deceased person.Their wives and children stayed back in the villages to look after the animals.'Oh, you unlucky man! There is no pleasure for you in this world and there will be none in the world to come.Ploughing parallel to the contours of a hill slope to form a natural barrier for water to flow down the slope (Figureure 6).If you ask someone to list the main problems that our society faces today, you can be fairly sure that two problems will be mentioned, among others — poverty and violence.Excluding urban places more than two-thirds of the villages in India have already been covered with Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) telephone facility.If you continue intertransferring coloured solution between the cylinders, there will not be any further change in the levels of coloured water in two cylinders.In this unit the focus will be on environmental chemistry.

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