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This is known as interim dividend and since the same stands paid, it is simply shown in the appropriation part of the Profit and Loss Account (debit side).Nor was the history of modernisation simply a glorious story of growth and development.Such a combination, representing super-key, may have redundant attributes, implying thereby that a more useful concept is that of a key which has not redundancy.The Required property is set to Yes with Zero Length Property being No to imply that every employee has a first name and no employee record can be stored unless the first name is also stored.Note that the system may be defined by physical boundaries, like beaker or test tube, or the system may simply be defined by a set of Cartesian coordinates specifying a particular volume in space.Staffing simply stated, is finding the right people for the right job.If the reaction had simply stopped when they reached equilibrium, then there would have been no mixing of isotopes in this way.As a result, the fact that the trial balance has tallied does not imply that all entries in the books of original record (journal, cash book, etc.Simply put, the firms' demand for factors of production to run the production process creates payments to the public.The word bat is an old English word that simply means stick or club.A democratic government cannot do whatever it likes, simply because it has won an election.Also, simply increasing grain production for storage in warehouses cannot solve the problem of malnutrition and hunger.But I wasn't feeling too well that day, so I simply moved away.For the supply of foreign exchange to increase as the exchange rate rises, the foreign demand for our exports must be more than unit elastic, meaning simply that a one per cent increase in the exchange rate (which results in a one per cent decline in the price of the export good to the foreign country buying our good) must result in an increase in demand of more than one per cent.The history of industrialisation thus becomes simply a story of development, and the modern age appears as a wonderful time of technological progress.

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