Inadequate example sentences

In areas where canal flow is insufficient or irregular due to inadequate reservoir release, the lift system is more rational.The causes of indigestion are inadequate enzyme secretion, anxiety, food poisoning, over eating, and spicy food.), maladaptive family structures (inadequate or disturbed family), and severe stress.Keeping in view the volume of traffic and passengers, the road network is inadequate.Once it is realised that even though the level of income is important, yet it is an inadequate measure of the level of development, we begin to think of other criterion.Many vehicles are poorly maintained and several have inadequate pollution control equipments resulting in the release of greater amount of carbon monoxide and other polluting gases.Chronic hunger is a consequence of diets persistently inadequate in terms of quantity and/or quality.Indian enterprises have suffered for long with inadequately trained personnel.The term 'business risks' refers to the possibility of inadequate profits or even losses due to uncertainties or unexpected events.Some felt that it had put inadequate emphasis on agriculture.A delusion is a false belief that is firmly held on inadequate grounds.Inadequate storage and marketing facilities also act as a disincentive to the farmer.Some important reasons for absenteeism are bad working conditions, inadequate rewards, lack of recognition, poor relations with supervisors and colleagues etc.On days when the water supply is inadequate, Mr Ramagopal speaks to a senior official whom he knows in the municipal water board and a water tanker is easily arranged for his house.In India, this aspect is more important considering the inadequate job opportunities and too many aspirants for these.

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