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It is the centre of India's glass-blowing industry where families have spent generations working around furnaces, welding glass, making bangles for all the women in the land it seems.They are unable to compete with the showy goods which Manchester sends in such profusion, and they have of late years emigrated in great numbers, chiefly to Berar, where as day labourers they are able to obtain wages …' Census Report of Central Provinces, 1872, quoted in Sumit Guha, 'The handloom industry in Central India, 1825-1950', The Indian Economic and Social History Review.The term industry is also used to mean groups of firms producing similar or related goods.Though it is one of the important textile cities in the country, of late, the cotton textile industry of Osaka has been replaced by other industries, such as iron and steel, machinery, shipbuilding, automobiles, electrical equipment and cement.Cottage or household industries are a type of small scale industry where the products are manufactured by hand, by the artisans.When you read about the economy – whether in your classes of history or economics – you learn about agriculture and industry.Sheep is bred mainly for wool and has given rise to the wool industry in the velds.He will obviously like to enter that branch of industry and commerce, which has the possibility of greater amount of profits.But today, humidity can be created artificially, and raw cotton is a pure and not weight losing raw material, so this industry has spread to other parts of India.Many factories were set up in the 1890s, when Russia's railway network was extended, and foreign investment in industry increased.When the Spinning Jenny was introduced in the woollen industry, women who survived on hand spinning began attacking the new machines.Terms of trade credit may vary from one industry to another and from one person to another.For certain purposes the interdependence of (or even rivalry between) two sectors of the economy (agriculture and industry, for example) or the relationships between sectors (like the household sector, the business sector and government in a democratic setup) help us understand some things happening to the country s economy much better, than by only looking at the economy as a whole.Petroleum refineries act as a nodal industry for synthetic textile, fertiliser and numerous chemical industries.Limestone is the basic raw material for the cement industry and essential for smelting iron ore in the blast furnace.

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