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A mate receipt is a receipt issued by the commanding officer of the ship when the cargo is loaded on board, and contains the information about the name of the vessel, berth, date of shipment, descripton of packages, marks and numbers, condition of the cargo at the time of receipt on board the ship, etc.It must be ensured that the information provided is relevant, adequate and reliable for decision-making.In October 2005, the Government of India enacted a law, popularly known as RTI (Right to Information) Act, which ensures its citizens all the information about the functions of government departments.Products refer to the form in which information is processed by the respondent.Therefore, the problem faced in this situation is how to use the available information in the incomplete records to ascertain the profit or loss for the particular accounting year and to determine the financial position of a entity as at the end of the year.The message is the information that is presented in order to bring about an attitude change.The apparently divergent needs of internal and external users of accounting information have resulted in the development of sub-disciplines within the accounting discipline namely, financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting (refer box 3).If you wanted to measure democracies on the basis of this expected outcome, you would look for the following practices and institutions: regular, free and fair elections; open public debate on major policies and legislations; and citizens' right to information about the government and its functioning.It is the single-largest information technology-based intervention by a corporate entity in rural India, transforming the Indian farmer into a progressive knowledge-seeking citizen, enriching him with knowledge and elevating him to a new order of empowerment.Successive processing takes place when you remember all the information serially so that the recall of one leads to the recall of another.Thus, for sales promotion, information about the goods available, its features, price, etc.For other items we have explained as to how available information can be used to ascertain their missing figureures with the help of total debtors and total creditors, total bills receivable and total bills payable accounts and summary of cash.They reflect historical information but not current situation, which is essential in any decision making.How do we detect that we are touching a hot object? All information from our environment is detected by the specialised tips of some nerve cells.Reports, which do not meet the above stated objectives, lack or do not have sufficient information content, have no value.

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