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Hypothyroidism during pregnancy causes defective development and maturation of the growing baby leading to stunted growth (cretinism), mental retardation, low intelligence quotient, abnormal skin, deaf-mutism, etc.Why are some people more intelligent than others? s it due to their heredity, or is it due to the influence of environmental factors? The evidence for hereditary influences on intelligence comes mainly from studies on twins and adopted children.He defined intelligence as the ability to judge well, understand well, and reason well.According to this theory, there are three basic types of intelligence: Componential, Experiential, and Contextual.n 1927, Charles Spearman proposed a two-factor theory of intelligence employing a statistical method called factor analysis.Poets and writers are very strong in this component of intelligence.At the two extremes of intelligence are the intellectually deficient persons and the intellectually gifted.Space people, our chemical department has given you vitamins to increase your intelligence.Psychologists have proposed several theories of intelligence.Certain level of intelligence is necessary to be creative, but a high level of intelligence, however, does not ensure that a person would certainly be creative.The cultural environment provides a context for intelligence to develop.Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences.n the foregoing sections, you have read that there are variations in psychological attributes like intelligence, aptitude, personality and so on.Generally, students having low intelligence are not likely to do so well in school-related examinations, but their success in life is not associated only with their intelligence test scores.This intelligence has three components, each serving a different function.

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