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On August 13, 1990, the Government of India issued an Order.Debentures can be issued at par, at a premium or at a discount.Specific Coupon Rate Debentures: These debentures are issued with a specified rate of interest, which is called the coupon rate.When a debenture is issued at a price below its nominal value, it is said to be issued at a discount.Several other non-endocrine tissues secrete hormones called growth factors.In case of the whole business being taken over if the amount of debentures issued is more than the amount of the net assets taken over, Its difference (excess) will be treated as value of goodwill and the same shall also be debited while passing the journal entry for the purchase of vender's business (see Illustration 10).Redemption of debentures refers to extinguishing or discharging the liability on account of debentures in accordance with the terms of issue.This chapter will deal with many of the issues visualised by Sorrieu in Figureure During the nineteenth century, nationalism emerged as a force which brought about sweeping changes in the political and mental world of Europe.The other crucial issue of credit is its availability to all, especially the poor, and on reasonable terms.When a company issues debentures, it is under an obligation to pay interest thereon at fixed percentage (half yearly) periodically until debentures are repaid.Hence, most companies turn to raising long-term funds also through debentures which are issued either through the route of private placement or by offering the same to the public.Attitudes towards various topics, such as political, religious and social groups, occupations, national and other issues are often developed through reference groups.For example, Opto Circuits has decided to go for a GDR issue of $20 mn with a green-shoe option of $5 mn.Both the lobes are interconnected with a thin flap of connective tissue called isthmus.A company raises its capital by means of issue of shares.

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