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The site of perception of light/dark duration are the leaves.The night is fresh, the whole moon shines in a sky still open the smell of leaves and lichen still reaches like a voice into the rooms.When the school bell rang, all the girls scurried out of the classroom, but Bholi dared not leave her corner.They are used to ensure good vegetative growth (leaves, branches and flowers), giving rise to healthy plants.The leaves in gymnosperms are well-adapted to withstand extremes of temperature, humidity and wind.It helps leaves/ upper parts of the shoot to remain above water.Within the leaves, the mesophyll cells have a large number of chloroplasts that are responsible for CO2 fixation.Did you notice the differences? Do both have the same types of mesophylls? Do they have similar cells around the vascular bundle sheath? The particularly large cells around the vascular bundles of the C4 pathway plants are called bundle sheath cells, and the leaves which have such anatomy are said to have 'Kranz' anatomy.It was an accepted practice for which the mills granted leave.Deciduous forests shed their leaves in a particular season to conserve loss of moisture through transpiration.Ethylene promotes senescence and abscission of plant organs especially of leaves and flowers.List the characteristics of the trees that you observe, such as the height, shape of leaves, crown, flowers, and fruits.There is no provision for overtime, paid leave, holidays, leave due to sickness etc.But the clerks and officials would not even look at him, leave alone do his job or bother to tell him the status of his application.Water and minerals are transported to the leaves by the vessels which run like pipes throughout the root, the stem, the branches and the leaves.

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