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Yet the picture looks different if we ask deeper questions: Are people s preferences based on real knowledge? Are the voters getting a real choice? Is election really level playing field for everyone? Can an ordinary citizen hope to win elections? Questions of this kind bring the many limitations and challenges of Indian elections to our attention.ntrapersonal (awareness of one s own feelings, motives, and desires): This refers to the knowledge of one s internal strengths and limitations and using that knowledge to effectively relate to others.He further cautions him that each method has its own advantages and limitations and his final choice should be based on factors like the purpose and period for which funds are required.These limitations of accounting must be kept in view while making use of the accounting information.However, an important limitation of the historical cost basis is that it does not show the true worth of the business and may lead to hidden profits.However, the mechanism of incomplete records suffers from a number of limitations.Also, the growing awareness of the need for humane treatment of livestock has brought in new limitations in livestock farming.Despite the above mentioned limitations, exporting/importing is the most preferred way for business firms when they are getting initially involved with international business.Hence, ratios should be used with due consciousness of their limitations while evaluatory the performance of an organisation and planning the future strategies for its improvement.As such, the financial analysis also suffers from various limitations of financial statements.A brief description of various sources, along with their advantages and limitations is given below.Despite these limitations, management scholars have been able to identify general principles of management.In the following sections, we shall discuss in detail important ways of entering into international business along with their advantages and limitations.Hence, to interpret the ratios, the user should be aware of the rules followed in the preparation of financial statements and also their nature and limitations.Financial statements are not free from limitations.

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