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The submucosal layer is formed of loose connective tissues containing nerves, blood and lymph vessels.A ledger may be in the form of bound register, or cards, or separate sheets may be maintained in a loose leaf binder.The process of loosening and turning of the soil is called tilling or ploughing.Daals or pulses are usually sold loose in the market.Alkenes are the rich source of loosely held pi (?) electrons, due to which they show addition reactions in which the electrophiles add on to the carbon-carbon double bond to form the addition products.But why does the soil need to be turned and loosened? You have learnt in the previous classes that soil contains minerals, water, air and some living organisms.Since only a few centimetres of the top layer of soil supports plant growth, turning and loosening of soil brings the nutrient-rich soil to the top so that plants can use these nutrients.The loose soil allows the roots to breathe easily even when they go deep into the soil.It is a simple tool which is used for removing weeds and for loosening the soil.But, in reality there is little difference between daals that are sold loose and those sold in a packet.Wind blows loose soil off flat or sloping land known as wind erosion.These include rapidly shifting from one topic to another so that the normal structure of thinking is muddled and becomes illogical (loosening of associations, derailment), inventing new words or phrases (neologisms), and persistent and inappropriate repetition of the same thoughts (perseveration).After repeatedly using the patch of land, the soil looses its nutrients.ery often at night one of the goats would pull and pull at the string till it broke loose, and then would disappear in the hills beyond.The side of the bag flew open and everything within — newspaper cuttings and other loose papers, a 14- ounce tin of pipe tobacco, magazines, passport, English money, film —was extravagantly ejected over an area about the size of a tennis court.

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