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There are specific laws and policies for the marginalised in our country.In some instances, the struggles of the marginalised have influenced the government to frame new laws, in keeping with the spirit of the Fundamental Rights.Down the group, electronegativity first decreases from B to Al and then increases marginally (Table 1 2).Equally significant is the fact that by bringing in both the powerful and the marginal peoples and cultures, the novel throws up many questions about the nature of these communities.In all cases, the choice of struggle has depended on the circumstances that the marginalised find themselves in.Within the present framework, if we take different values of the marginal propensity to consume and calculate the values of the two multipliers, we find that the tax multiplier is always one less in absolute value than the government expenditure multiplier.Comet Dutta could be marginally deflected from its path by giving it a push.Who are these vulnerable people who need protection? In the rural areas, the unorganised sector mostly comprises of landless agricultural labourers, small and marginal farmers, sharecroppers and artisans (such as weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters and goldsmiths).In this chapter, we will see why the Constitution of India is something that marginalised groups invoke in the course of their struggles.Since consumption is the complement of savings (additional income of the economy is either put into additional savings or used for extra consumption by the people), if we subtract the mps from 1, we get the marginal propensity to consume (mpc), which, in a similar way, is the fraction of total additional income that people use for consumption.We call this fraction the marginal propensity to save (mps).Despite decline in the percentage of the poor, the number of poor has declined marginally from 475 million in 1981 to 428 million in 200 Because of different poverty line definition, poverty in India is also shown higher than the national estimates.In percentage terms, the population of the Hindus, Jains and Christians has declined marginally since 196 The proportion of Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist population has increased slightly.These included low income families whose incomes were marginally higher than the below poverty line families.These issues substantially affect poor and marginalised communities, and therefore, concern economic and social equality in the country.

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