Middle example sentences

Middle level management coordinates with both the top level and first line managers.When the storm had passed, he stood in the middle of the field and said to his sons, “A plague of locusts would have left more than this.The middle class, when faced with water shortages, are able to cope through a variety of private means such as digging borewells, buying water from tankers and using bottled water for drinking.How could machines produce saris with intricate borders or cloths with traditional woven patterns? These had a wide demand not only amongst the rich but also amongst the middle classes.For a child of such status, standing there in the middle of the bazaar eating jalebis? No.The water is then allowed to settle in a large tank which is sloped towards the middle.It data type is declared as text with field width equal to The Required Property can be set to No and Zero Length property to Yes to imply that many employees may not have middle name.Because of centralised a purchasing, elimination of middlemen, centralised promotion of sales and increased sales, the multiple shops have lower cost of business.The three middle stars represent the belt of the hunter.Greatcoats were dumped in piles to make goalposts, and the next thing we knew it was Tommy against Fritz out in the middle of no man's land.The government also announces minimum support price, remunerative and procurement prices for important crops to check the exploitation of farmers by speculators and middlemen.In its wake, new social groups came into being: a working-class population, and middle classes made up of industrialists, businessmen, professionals.As Catlas are surface feeders, Rohus feed in the middle-zone of the pond, Mrigals and Common Carps are bottom feeders, and Grass Carps feed on the weeds, together these species (Figureure 1 6) can use all the food in the pond without competing with each other.Indirect exporting/ importing, on the other hand, is one where the firm's participation in the export/import operations is minimum, and most of the tasks relating to export/import of the goods are carried out by some middle men such as export houses or buying offices of overseas customers located in the home country or wholesale importers in the case of import operations.As you have seen, nationalist feelings were widespread among middle-class Germans, who in 1848 tried to unite the different regions of the German confederation into a nation-state governed by an elected parliament.

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