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Automatic permission was now granted for technology agreements with foreign companies.Everything has been going on smoothly with the iking Mission.Legal environment includes various legislations passed by the Government administrative orders issued by government authorities, court judgments as well as the decisions rendered by various commissions and agencies at every level of the government— centre, state or local.The firm that grants such permission to the other firm is known as licensor and the other firm in the foreign country that acquires such rights to use technology or patents is called the licensee.Dorothea Beale, principal of Cheltenham Ladies College from 1858 to 1906, reported to the schools Enquiry Commission in 1864: The vigorous exercise which boys get from cricket, etc.As for the income such as rent, commission, interest, etc.Other than these six parties, most of the major parties of the country are classified by the Election Commission as 'State parties'.Even if the ruling party or the government does not like what the Commission does, it is virtually impossible for it to remove the CEC.provides helicopter services to Oil and Natural Gas Commission in its off- shore operations, to inaccessible areas and difficult terrains like the north-eastern states and the interior parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal.These are present in vehicle emissions, smoke particles from fires, dust particles and ash from industries.The State Commission also restrained all the educational and professional institutions in the state from charging fees from students for the entire duration of the course in advance and that too at one go.Such an error by definition is of clerical nature and most of the errors of commission affect in the trial balance.The commission consisted of landlords, government officials, and Gandhi as the sole representative of the peasants.The supply of water per person in an urban area in India should be about 135 litres per day (about seven buckets) – a standard set by the Urban Water Commission.Natural gas is considered an environment friendly fuel because of low carbon dioxide emissions and is, therefore, the fuel for the present century.

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