Modern example sentences

The various techniques of managerial control may be classified into two broad categories: traditional techniques, and modern techniques.The coming of modern agriculture in England thus meant many different changes.This source of financing is considered suitable when large funds are required for expansion, reorganisation and modernisation of the enterprise.Modern day governments spend on a whole range of activities.Changing technology, or machines, and making technology more modern, helps media to reach more people.Although our lives are influenced by many other institutions in modern society such as schools, colleges, hospitals, political parties and religious bodies, business has the major influence on our daily lives.The new state placed a strong emphasis on modernising the currency, banking, legal and judicial systems in Germany.Many novels were actually translated and adapted from English and Bengali under his influence, but the first proper modern novel was written by Srinivas Das of Delhi.But, the pace of change, has been rapid in modern times.Unable to modernise and compete with the US, Germany and Japan, the economy of Britain crumbled after the war.They promoted education among the Sikhs, often combining modern instruction with Sikh teachings.The story of modern democracy began at least two centuries ago.Medieval Persian, for example, is different from modern Persian.The one at the bottom is the modern mechanic, who with his modern tools weaves a new magic: builds bridges, ships, towers and high-rise buildings.“Modernity” carries with it a sense of material progress and intellectual advancement.

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