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Let us try to have some preliminary notion of our self (i.e. who are we?) by completing Activity How easy was it for you to complete these sentences? How much time did you take? Perhaps it was not as easy as you may have thought at first.Since exporting/importing does not require much of investment in foreign countries, exposure to foreign investment risks is nil or much lower than that is present when firms opt for other modes of entry into international business.However, too much emphasis on profit to the exclusion of other objectives can be dangerous for good business.It will strengthen the nation materially as much by protecting its interests externally as by stimulating its internal productivity.On the public writing-table, he started to write, with much wrinkling of his brow, caused by the effort he had to make to express his ideas.Over a period of thirty years lasting up to the early eighties, there were little per capita income growth and not much reduction in poverty.Thus some basic values were accepted by all leaders much before the Constituent Assembly met to deliberate on the Constitution.In a fast changing world, there is a shift to market orientation in as much as the firms have to study and analyse the market first and produce goods accordingly.Much of this consensus had evolved during the freedom struggle.Much of the document called Constitution of India is about these arrangements.Compared to the weavers, they have earned more but it is still much less than the exporter.When someone demanded freedom for the media, the elders thought that too much criticism of the ruler would not help them improve their living standards.All he said seemed so easy, so easy! I think, too, that I had never listened so carefully, and that he had never explained everything with so much patience.” How much had Geoff said? “Jesus, I wish I'd have been there.Whereas people in slums have to make do with less than 20 litres a day per person (one bucket), people living in luxury hotels may consume as much as 1,600 litres (80 buckets) of water per day.

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