Nail example sentences

The stranger must have seemed incredulous, for the old man got up and went to the window, took down a leather pouch which hung on a nail in the very window frame, and picked out three wrinkled ten-kronor bills.You must have seen that when a raised hammer falls on a nail placed on a piece of wood, it drives the nail into the wood.With so many thousands of goods and services produced, you might think this is an impossible task! Not only would the task be enormous, you might also wonder how we can add up cars and computers and nails and furniture.For understanding this concept, take two pieces of strong cardboards and join them with the help of two nails.Reptiles, birds, land snails and insects excrete nitrogenous wastes as uric acid in the form of pellet or paste with a minimum loss of water and are called uricotelic animals.The animals are poached for collection and illegal trade of hides, skins, nails, teeth, horns as well as feathers.

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