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The data type and properties of amount and narration column continue to be the same as already described and discussed for ouchers table.There are a variety of writing tasks: help writing newspaper report, an article for a school magazine, argumentative writing, narration, description, and picture interpretation.Below the Recording of Transactions - I 57 account titles, a brief description of the transaction is given which is called Narration.Further Credit relationship has Sno, amount and narration has its attributes.Similarly, consider another example in which the relation ouchers ( no, Sno, date, Debit, Amount, Credit, Amount, Prep_by, Auth_by, Narration) references two other relations as shown in figureure 1 1 First it references, Accounts (Code, Name, Type).Choose Sno, Code from ouchersDetail table; Name from Accounts table; again Amount, narration and no from ouchersDetail table.Having written the Narration a line is drawn in the Particulars column, which indicates the end of recording the specific journal entry.The oucher number column in grid can be hidden by merging its right most vertical line with vertical line separating narration and voucher number column by drag and drop method.No, Debit, Credit, Amount, Narration, Authorised By, Prepared By on the left hand side and Choose the Account to Debited and Choose the account to be Credited on the right hand side of Access voucher Form design of which is shown in Figure 1 The attached labels are automatically appended to the Form when other controls such as Text boxes, List boxes, Combo boxes, etc.The data entry spaces against oucher Number, Dated, Amount and Narration are Text Controls.If the narrations are very large beyond 255 characters, its data type can be set to Memo so as to accommodate the narrations up to 65,536 characters, almost equal to 64 pages.

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