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At the same time, there is nothing to show that non-democracies are less corrupt or more sensitive to the people.She had stood by and said nothing, but Wanda had been nice to her, anyway.He had naturally been thinking of his rattraps when suddenly he was struck by the idea that the whole world about him — the whole world with its lands and seas, its cities and villages — was nothing but a big rattrap.” September didn't see how that was going to do her very much good, but they were eight to one and all older than she, so she said nothing.[sighs] My very best dog, to say nothing of the expense.Born in the caste of bangle makers, they have seen nothing but bangles — in the house, in the yard, in every other house, every other yard, every street in Firozabad.“I do not know you and have nothing to forgive you for,” said the king.England at this time produced nothing that could be easily sold in China.There is nothing does irritate me more than seeing other people sitting about doing nothing when I'm working.We must bear in mind that when Mendeleev developed his Periodic Table, chemists knew nothing about the internal structure of atom.I know that we have in India many noble indigenous games just as interesting and exciting as cricket or football, also as much attended with risks as football is, but with the added advantage that they are inexpensive, because the cost is practically next to nothing Speech at Mahindra College, 24 November 1927, The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi.Jalebis are meant to be eaten and only those with money in their pocket can eat them, And money isn't for nothing.She has not enjoyed even one full meal in her entire lifetime — that's what she has reaped! Her husband, an old man with a flowing beard, says, “I know nothing except bangles.The other passengers did nothing to help, and the girl was thrown out of the train.I cabled to England, and when, three days later, nothing had happened, I tried to telephone.

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