Observe example sentences

Behavioural ratings are generally taken from people who know the assessee intimately and have interacted with her/him over a period of time or have had a chance to observe her/him.It also creates a psychological pressure on the employees to perform well as they are aware that they are being observed personally on their job.Hodge, a British missionary in Champaran who observed the entire episode at close range.The third feature is that the deficits must be observed during the developmental period, that is between 0 and 18 years of age.It has been observed that an agricultural society has to depend on the collective efforts of its members.For this, you could visit the shopping mall where the discounted items are showcased and systematically observe what people do and say before and after the purchases have been made.Observe and record the number of days taken for roots to come out and new leaves to arise.Through this telescope Galileo observed moons of Jupiter, phases of enus and rings of Saturn.Experiment 1, 2, 3 and 4 were performed taking different concentrations of H2 and / or I2, and with time it was observed that intensity of the purple colour remained constant and equilibrium was attained.Therefore, from the accounting point of view, it is better to place the situation of over subscription within the total frame of application and allotment, i.e. receipt of application amount, amount due on allotment and its receipt from the shareholders, and the same has been observed in the pattern of entries.Water the cutting every day and observe its growth.After an hour, put a drop of this liquid on a glass slide and observe under a microscope.We have also observed children winding a toy (such as a toy car) and when the toy is placed on the floor, it starts moving.If we expose three watch glasses containing separately 1mL each of acetone, ethyl alcohol, and water to atmosphere and repeat the experiment with different volumes of the liquids in a warmer room, it is observed that in all such cases the liquid eventually disappears and the time taken for complete evaporation depends on the nature of the liquid, the amount of the liquid and the temperature.It is generally observed that in relation to solubility of substances in solvents, polar substances are soluble in polar solvents, whereas the non-polar ones in non-polar solvents i.e., like dissolves like.

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