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A general feature of most of the creativity tests is that they are open-ended.When a company purchases its own debentures in the open market for the purpose of immediate cancellation, the purchase and cancellation of such debentures are termed as redemption by purchase in the open market.If the company fails to repay the loan along with interest, the sender is free to receive his money from the sale of primary security and if the realisable value of the primary security falls short to cover the entire amount, the lender has the right to invoke the benefit of collateral security whereby debentures may either be presented for redemption or sold in the open market.At the same time, the poor began leaving their villages to look for jobs that were opening up in the cities.A few of the families whose houses are close to the bus stand have used a part of the space to open small shops.To examine the roles of imports and exports in determining equilibrium income in an open economy, we follow the same procedure as we did for the closed economy case – we take investment and government spending as autonomous.This is substantially higher than a total of 16 per cent that prevailed in 1985-8 However, in comparison to other countries, India is relatively less open.When a soda water bottle is opened, some of the carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it fizzes out rapidly.Take the opening balances of cash in hand and cash at bank and enter them on the debit side.You may recall the case of an opening batsman mentioned earlier.Some times it becomes necessary to prepare Balance Sheet as at the beginning of the year in order to find out the opening balance of the capital/general fund.” But just as the man was opening the door, the daughter said, “I think he ought to stay with us today.Similarly, the supply of electricity to an area can be useful for many people: farmers can run pumpsets to irrigate their fields, people can open small workshops that run on electricity, students will find it easier to study and most people in the village will benefit in some way or the other.I opened the bag and packed the boots in; and then, just as I was going to close it, a horrible idea occurred to me.” Just as he said this the door opened and the stranger entered.

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