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You have looked after me so lovingly and I have not cooperated with you.Export firms basically operate from their home country.Even where members of a department willingly cooperate and work, coordination gives a direction to that willing spirit.However, it may be noted that –I effect of – OH group also operates due to which the electron density on ortho and para positions of the benzene ring is slightly reduced.This chapter proposes to discuss the issue of consumer rights within the context of the ways markets operate in our country.However, because of government policing, it had to operate as an illegal organisation.It consists of an organisation, its different components and the environment in which the organisation exists and operates.They operated within India, carrying goods from one place to another, banking money, transferring funds between cities, and financing traders.Co-operative sector industries are owned and operated by the producers or suppliers of raw materials, workers or both.The President supervises the overall functioning of all the political institutions in the country so that they operate in harmony to achieve the objectives of the state.Itinerant retailers are traders who don't have a fixed place of business to operate from.The concluding section of the chapter is devoted to an analysis of major international institutions that operate at the global level to promote world development and trade.As stated earlier, international business operates on a simple principle — produce what your country can produce more efficiently, and trade the surplus production so generated with other countries to procure what they can produce more efficiently.For this they need to: interpret the policies framed by top management, ensure that their department has the necessary personnel, assign necessary duties and responsibilities to them, motivate them to achieve desired objectives, and co-operate with other departments for smooth functioning of the organisation.ER Model, as already discussed above, is a conceptual model, which need be transformed into a representational data model so that a database design is formed for being implemented and operated upon by using DBMS.

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