Ought example sentences

Many of them bought these machines, imagining that wheat prices would remain high and profits would flow in.These rulers cherished the ideal of the hero who fought valiantly, often choosing death on the battlefield rather than face defeat.Let us try to have some preliminary notion of our self (i.e. who are we?) by completing Activity How easy was it for you to complete these sentences? How much time did you take? Perhaps it was not as easy as you may have thought at first.are not shown as assets, whatever amount of stationery is bought in an accounting period is treated as the expense of that period, whether consumed or not.The loaves were bought by some Paskine or Bastine, the maid-servant of the house! What we longed for were those bread-bangles which we chose carefully.This affected their lives in times of drought and even reshaped their social relationships.As the area of grazing lands shrank, the adverse effect of the droughts increased in intensity.), sucking thoughtfully on the end of my pen as you do, and fell into conversation with an attractive young lady in the next seat.In an imaginary country called Happyland, the people overthrew the foreign ruler and brought back the old royal family.“I should have thought you got quite tired of hearing people say 'God save the king',” said the Queen.The conference room in the Central Bureau was so quiet that an outsider would have thought it was empty.For a moment I thought of running away and spending the day out of doors.Counselling involves responding to the feelings, thoughts, and actions of the clients.Mob behaviour is characterised by homogeneity of thought and behaviour as well as impulsivity.She thought about Wanda and her faded blue dress and the little house she had lived in.

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