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Some of the famous psychologists who have developed creativity tests are Guilford, Torrance, Khatena, Wallach and Kogan, Paramesh, Baqer Mehdi, and Passi.A bank statement or a bank passbook is a copy of a bank account as shown by the bank records.; simply have a passing reference in these books and the entries relating thereto are recorded as usual in the journal.Historians do not see time just as a passing of hours, days or years – as a clock or a calendar.The excited electron does not pass on to NADP+ but is cycled back to the PS I complex through the electron transport chain (Figureure 1 6).The National Highway 1A connects Leh to Kashmir alley through the Zoji la Pass.Passbook is the statement of account of the customer maintained by the bank.Blood is filtered so finely through these membranes, that almost all the constituents of the plasma except the proteins pass onto the lumen of the Bowman's capsule.The porous cellophane membrance of the tube allows the passage of molecules based on concentration gradient.The bolus further passes down through the oesophagus by successive waves of muscular contractions called peristalsis.Examples of physiological effects are release of epinephrine and nor - epinephrine, slowing down of the digestive system, expansion of air passages in the lungs, increased heart rate, and constriction of blood vessels.A light convulsion passed over it but it did not stir.The Supreme Court passed an order to reduce the influence of money and criminals.Days passed and there was no answer, but the letter did not come back, so maybe Wanda had received it.It is not very wise to think that the legislatures will pass legislations that go against the interest of all the political parties and MPs.

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