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'Eustress' is the term used to describe the level of stress that is good for you and is one of a person's best assets for achieving peak performance and managing minor crisis.If the task being performed is very interesting, then, too, the presence of noise does not affect performance.It gives a common focus to group effort to ensure that performance is as it was planned and scheduled.Western culture promotes technological intelligence based on skills of analysis, performance, speed, and achievement orientation.Motivation is considered important because it helps to identify and satisfy the needs of human resources in the organisation and thereby helps in improving their performance.Knowledge of interests helps us in making choices that promote life satisfaction and performance on jobs.These are: Management of work: All organisations exist for the performance of some work.The importance of motivation can be pointed out by the following benefits: Motivation helps to improve performance levels of employees as well as the organisation.Payment to an artist for giving performance at the club is an example of honorarium.Credit granting institutions take decisions based on the financial performance of the undertakings.Thus, management audit may be defined as evaluation of the functioning, performance and effectiveness of management of an organisation.In short, task performance can be facilitated and improved, or inhibited and worsened by the presence of others.Social facilitation research suggests that presence of others leads to arousal and can motivate individuals to enhance their performance if they are already good at solving something.The final reason for understanding business environment relates to whether or not it really makes a difference in the performance of an enterprise.One of the first observations made about social behaviour was that performance on specific tasks is influenced by the mere presence of others.

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