Perhaps example sentences

Perhaps the Earthlings are not as primitive as we have thought.Did every person in Haryana vote for all the 90 MLAs? You perhaps know that this is not the case.But suppose Peggy and all the others started in on her next? She wasn't as poor as Wanda, perhaps, but she was poor.Persons held in prison or otherwise detained, perhaps under house arrest, because a government considers their ideas, image or activities as a threat to the authority of the state.Have humans learned as much as ants have? Perhaps they have, but they haven't put their learning to good use.So, if the local people are not benefiting from such projects then who is benefited? Perhaps, the landowners and large farmers, industrialists and few urban centres.There was his assistant on the line and I told him I had come in a wheelchair from India (perhaps he thought I had propelled myself all the way) to write about my travels in Britain.But perhaps the most important role was played by Dr B.Perhaps the Earthlings have sharper ears than we do.“Perhaps he'll have got used to his cage by tomorrow,” she said.Then one day The Boss closed down the Story Department and this was perhaps the only instance in all human history where a lawyer lost his job because the poets were asked to go home.Will you be equally happy to live in both these countries? Are both equally developed? Perhaps some of us may like to live in country B if we are assured of being its fifth citizen but if it is a lottery that decides our citizenship number then perhaps most of us will prefer to live in country A.It is quite likely that students might have not heard of this tragedy and it would be helpful to have them research this and perhaps create a wallpaper or skit on this for the entire school.Perhaps we should let the sheriff alone on Christmas Eve.) Say, maybe this is a haberdashery! (bowing low) Perhaps the Great and Mighty Think- Tank will give us the benefit of his thought on the matter.

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