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(in case the balance amount is not adequate enough to pay off such loans and advances, they are to be paid propartionately); and surplus, if any is to be utilised in settlement of the capital account balances, after adjusting all profits and losses.The FCI purchases wheat and rice from the farmers in states where there is surplus production.A major development was the devaluation of the rupee by 3 5 per cent in June, 196 With the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system, and also the declining share of UK in India's trade, the rupee was delinked from the pound sterling in September 197 During the period between 1975 to 1992, the exchange rate of the rupee was officially determined by the Reserve Bank within a nominal band of plus or minus 5 per cent of the weighted basket of currencies of India's major trading partners.The amount of premium is credited to Securities Premium account and is shown on the liabilities side of the balance sheet under the head “Reserves and Surpluses”.Any amount of surplus from assets given under first charge will be utilised for setting the claims for second chargeholder.However, notwithstanding the above two conditions, a holder of the preference share may have a right to participate fully or to a limited extent in the surpluses of the company as specified in the Memorandum or Articles of the company.Surplus or deficit revealed by the Income and Expenditure Account is transferred to capital/general fund.Any amount of surplus from assets given under first charge will be utilised for setting the claims for second chargeholder.The Debenture Redemption Reserve account appears on the liability side of the Balance sheet under the head “Reserves and Surpluses., (a) trading account which shows the gross profit earned, (b) profit and loss account which shows net profit earned or net loss incurred, and (c) profit and loss appropriation account which shows all appropriations from the current year and balance of profit or loss of last year and surplus or deficit at the end of the period.Take the Capital/General Fund as per the opening balance sheet and add surplus from the Income and Expenditure Account.It includes only revenue items and the balance at the end represents surplus or deficit.However, there will be a Capital Fund or General Fund in place of the Capital and the surplus on deficit as per Income and Expenditure Account shall be added to/deducted to this fund.The advantage of such an option is that a company can redeem the debentures at its convenience whenever it has surplus funds.The decrease (increase) in official reserves is called the overall balance of payments deficit (surplus).

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