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Invertebrates possess very simple endocrine systems with few hormones whereas a large number of chemicals act as hormones and provide coordination in the vertebrates.Similarly structures I, and possess the same molecular formula but have different properties.To check the increased repulsive forces, molecule will have to possess more energy and thus has lesser stability.Structures I and possess same molecular formula but differ in their boiling points and other properties.It assumes that leaders can be distinguished from non leaders by certain unique traits possessed by them.The first issue of her newspaper (21 April 1849) carried the following editorial: 'Let us ask how many men, possessed by thoughts of living and dying for the sake of Liberty, would be prepared to figureht for the freedom of the entire people, of all human beings? When asked this question, they would all too easily respond with a “Yes!”, though their untiring efforts are intended for the benefit of only one half of humanity – men.What should be the general formula of alkenes? If there is one double bond between two carbon atoms in alkenes, they must possess two hydrogen atoms less than alkanes.In short, kinetic energy is the energy possessed by an object due to its motion.Rich mineral deposits are our country s extremely valuable but short-lived possessions.But professional knowledge and training is considered to be a desirable qualification, since there is greater demand for those who possess degrees or diplomas from reputed institutions.“I was not even outside the gate when they burnt the house” … She was standing on the street in the rain with no house, no husband, no possessions but the clothes she was wearing.However, its assets also go up by Rs 100 by the possession of this cheque, which is a claim on RBI.These organs possess well-differentiated vascular tissues.The economic wealth, or well-being, of a country thus does not necessarily depend on the mere possession of resources; the point is how these resources are used in generating a flow of production and how, as a consequence, income and wealth are generated from that process.Water, a universal solvent, possesses a very high dielectric constant of 80.

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