Precaution example sentences

Didn't his doctor tell him to take special precautions against the cold? But he wouldn't remember to put on a sweater even if it was lying on his bedside chair! How could he when Dibya had put her spell on him? She picked up the white woollen pullover, wrapped herself in a shawl and made her way to the roof, to break up his tete-a-tete with Dibya.Consider the following examples: A supervisor explains a worker about operations to be carried by him on a lathe machine, A mining engineer explains about safety precautions to be followed while working in a coal mine, A Managing Director declares share in the profits to the managers for their contribution to inhance profits of the company, and A manager inspires his/her employees by playing a lead role in performing a work.Fertilizers should be applied carefully in terms of proper dose, time, and observing preand post-application precautions for their complete utilisation.

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