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How that early version of cricket played in village England grew into the modern game played in giant stadiums in great cities is a proper subject for history because one of the uses of history is to understand how the present was made.Presently, vendors of automobiles, consumer durables, etc.All the cheques issued but not yet presented for payment, amounts directly deposited in the bank account are added.Separate disclosure of cash flows from investing activities is important because they represent the extent to which expenditures have been made for resources intended to generate future income and cash flows.In many areas of present-day Bihar and Jharkhand, Chero chiefdoms had emerged by the twelfth century.This ensures that the President can be seen to represent the entire nation.When we are stressed, we have an inbuilt selective bias to attend to negative thoughts and images from the past, which affect our perception of the present and the future.It was at that juncture that representative of forty-four nations under the leadership of J.The three middle stars represent the belt of the hunter.It is linked to psychopathology that represents a lack of feeling for others, a tough manner of interacting with people, and a tendency to defy social conventions.Bank certificate of payment is a certificate which says that the necessary documents (including bill of exchange) relating to the particular export consignment has been negotiated (i.e., presented to the importer for payment) and the payment has been received in accordance with the exchange control regulations.One to represent debit and another to represent credit relationship.It is often convenient to draw a schematic diagram, in which different components of the circuit are represented by the symbols conveniently used.This is a formal blue print, with a pictorial presentation, in which Entity Relationship (ER) Model concepts are used to represent description of reality.In Figureure 3 we present a diagrammatic representation of the relations between these major macroeconomic variables.

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