Pressure example sentences

And they struggled to meet the pressures of government revenue demand.Therefore a pressure of 4 bar in standard state can be expressed as 4 bar/1 bar = 4, which is a dimensionless number.It gives rise to a constant vapour pressure because of an equilibrium in which the number of molecules leaving the liquid equals the number returning to liquid from the vapour.Some of these techniques are: It is an active skill that reduces symptoms of stress and decreases the incidence of illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart disease.Alternatively, the advertisement may say that pressure-cooking preserves nutrition, and that if one cares for the family, nutrition would be a major concern (emotional appeal) (see Figureure 2).When blood pressure is increased, ANF is secreted which causes dilation of the blood vessels.That only came to pass when the political pressure to isolate South Africa applied by the newly decolonised nations of Asia and Africa combined with liberal feeling in Britain and forced the English cricket authorities to cancel a tour by South Africa in 1970.At the international level, WTO has put pressure on developing countries to liberalise trade and investment.Many of the pressure groups are the extensions of political parties among different sections of society.During lightning, the high temperatures and pressures created in the air convert nitrogen into oxides of nitrogen.We can relate work to internal pressure of the system.But in study of chemical reactions, we usually have constant pressure.These revolts were sometimes caused by the pressures of mounting taxes.Other hotspots in wealthy countries are facing different types of pressures.In response to this pressure from environmental activists and others, in the years following the Bhopal gas tragedy, the Indian government introduced new laws on the environment.

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