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Emotional reactions, such as grief and fear, irritability, anger (“Why should this happen to me?”), helplessness, hopelessness (“I could do nothing to prevent this event”), depression, sometimes absolute lack of emotion (numbness), guilt feelings for having survived while someone else in the family died, blaming oneself, and lack of interest in even routine activities.The undigested, unabsorbed substances called faeces enters into the caecum of the large intestine through ileo-caecal valve, which prevents the back flow of the faecal matter.They feared that schools would take girls away from home, prevent them from doing their domestic duties.But factory inspectors could not prevent rules being broken.A cartilaginous flap called epiglottis prevents the entry of food into the glottis – opening of the wind pipe – during swallowing.A balanced diet can lift one's mood, give more energy, feed muscles, improve circulation, prevent illness, strengthen the immune system and make one feel better to cope with stresses of life.They were now prevented from entering many forests that had earlier provided valuable forage for their cattle.We also find that people differ across cultures in their thinking about when and how people fall ill and, therefore, in the models which they use in prevention of diseases and promotion of health.This prevents it to form +3 ions and forces it to form only covalent compounds.These barriers may prevent a communication or filter part of it or carry incorrect meaning due to which misunderstandings may be created.Obviously the best prevention is to avoid getting bitten.ADH facilitates water reabsorption from latter parts of the tubule, thereby preventing diuresis.RBI often intervenes with its instruments to prevent such an outcome.Those who are influential and resourceful may prevent them from winning elections.We have no relatives and there is no one to help us, so I have to go to work in a factory, to prevent the family from starving.

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