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Amateurs were called Gentlemen while professionals had to be content with being described as Players.These revolutions were led by the liberal-nationalists belonging to the educated middle-class elite, among whom were professors, schoolteachers, clerks and members of the commercial middle classes.I had to see Professor Hawking — even ten minutes would do.All doctors, for example, take the oath of ethical practice at the time they enter the profession.The history that brought about this transformation was made up of many smaller changes: the replacement of the gentlemanly amateur by the paid professional, the triumph of the one-day game as it overshadowed Test cricket in terms of popularity, and the remarkable changes in global commerce and technology.American Psychological Association (1973) in their task force constituted with the objective to identify skills essential for professional psychologists recommended at least three sets of skills.''It was an extraordinary thing 'in those days,'' Gandhi commented, “for a government professor to harbour a man like me”.He became Professor in 1856 and Fellow of Royal Society in 187 He made major contribution to structural organic chemistry by proposing in 1858 that carbon atoms can join to one another to form chains and later in 1865,he found an answer to the challenging problem of benzene structure by suggesting that these chains can close to form rings.Have you consciously adopted an informal approach or is it something that just came naturally to you? When I presented my first Doctoral dissertation in Italy, one of the Professors said, “Scholars learn a lot of a certain subject, then they make a lot of false hypotheses, then they correct them and at the end, they put the conclusions.May be the father is not alive but the son still carries on the family profession.Amateurs tended to be batsmen, leaving the energetic, hardworking aspects of the game, like fast bowling, to the professionals.But professional knowledge and training is considered to be a desirable qualification, since there is greater demand for those who possess degrees or diplomas from reputed institutions.These skills are essential for all professional psychologists, whether they are working in the field of clinical and health psychology, industrial/ organisational, social, educational, or in environmental settings, or are acting as consultants.Profession includes those activities, which require special knowledge and skill to be applied by individuals in their occupation.But, if the buyers are themselves schoolchildren, they may be convinced more by another schoolchild advertising a laptop than they would be by a professional giving the same information (see Figureure 1).

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